Aaand just a side by side picture because I like the contrast and am happy with how my first two cards turned out. #coraline #artisttradingcards #atc #aceo

Aaand just a side by side picture because I like the contrast and am happy with how my first two cards turned out. #coraline #artisttradingcards #atc #aceo

So happy I could cry. Today still feels so surreal. #oneokrock #vanswarpedtour

So happy I could cry. Today still feels so surreal. #oneokrock #vanswarpedtour

Painted over another painting. Super last minute project, largest one I’ve ever done. 20+ hours. Things I do for love. #pinkfloyd #animals #art #paint

Painted over another painting. Super last minute project, largest one I’ve ever done. 20+ hours. Things I do for love. #pinkfloyd #animals #art #paint

Little Mohawk Kid Neighbor

So my friend was moving out today, and he wouldn’t let me carry anything because I’m “a small Asian girl”. So I just emptied out his cabinets and put things in boxes for him and his friend to carry. He had called his friend with a truck to come over to pick up all the heavy furniture and stuff.

When they were making a trip to the new apartment and I was alone, I heard one of his neighbors come home, but it was a little kid so he was knocking on the door calling out for his mom. He was knocking for like five minutes, and because I don’t live here, I didn’t really want to see what was going on.

After a while, I hear that the kid is starting to cry and there’s legit panic in his voice, so I go outside and ask him if everything is okay. He says his mom isn’t answering the door, so I call my friend to ask what I should do. We keep knocking, because the mom was probably home taking a nap. I end up keeping the kid company on the steps.

Then the parents come home; turns out they were out. Fucking dad looked at me and was like “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!” I was like “fuck, dude, keeping your son company because you forgot about him”. Rude ass.

At least the kid was okay.

It’s raining.

I couldn’t sleep last night. I was so awake, but he was so tired. He went to bed around midnight, and I stayed up because it was like 10PM my time. I ended up doing dishes in the middle of the night and he woke up.

He just walked in, and we had awkward eye contact.
Me: Uhhh.. I’m doing your dishes.
Him: … Yeah I can see that.

I went to bed around 3, then woke up at 6 because I thought he was awake. But it was just his upstairs neighbor walking around. I drifted in and out of sleep for the rest of the morning, then decided to get up at 10:30 or so. 

Even though we’re not doing anything, I’m having quite a bit of fun.

(Not in Kansas Anymore)

So today was quite eventful. I woke up at 5:30 this morning so that I could hopefully avoid traffic on my way to the airport. We hit traffic anyway. My flight wasn’t to depart until 9:05, and boarding wasn’t until 8:30, and since I arrived at 7:15 or so, my dad stuck around and chilled with me until the time came.

It’s been quite some time since I’ve last been in an airport. They don’t even use those metal detectors anymore. It’s literally a three second scan, which is pretty convenient. 

The flight was only three and a half hours, but I sat next to a rather large woman who was overflowing from her seat into mine. I didn’t mind so much, as I don’t take up the whole seat, but I was a little troubled when it came to sleeping. I couldn’t sleep comfortably without my neck drooping, and I really, really wished I was travelling with someone I knew so I could borrow a shoulder. So I probably slept for a total of 30 minutes on that flight.

The cab from the airport to his house cost me 80 bucks. 

It was about 3:15 when I arrived, but he hadn’t eaten yet. He ordered Jimmy John’s for us (which was really good). We then hung out at his house for a bit,then went to check out his new apartment, and upon returning to his place, watched him pack things for a couple of hours. I felt like I was in the way, but it was rather entertaining to watch. He’s got a really cool giant heavy organ, and we (and by we I mean he) took out the leslie. He played the organ with the leslie out (but plugged in) and it was really cool.

I felt like I was being completely useless, so I offered to take things off of his walls, which proved to be quite difficult because he uses flat thumbtacks. BUT I DID IT. 

Then, following his daily routine, we went to Starbucks where I saw Cute Barista Girl (who is, for the record, very cute). Then we went to Walmart to buy some fruits and things to make smoothies. Back to his house, Skyped with my siblings, and ate my bread thing for dinner. 

We watched an episode of Cake Boss, which we both regretted. Cake Boss is the worst.

He’s asleep now, which is good, but I’m from the past and it’s only 10:00 where I’m from so… Awake I will stay.

Possible Return

It’s been a while since I’ve last posted something of value. I remember starting this blog simply because people enjoyed reading about my everyday life, and then continuing because I was naive enough to believe I could do it every single day for a whole year. Sometimes I remember I have this blog and come back to it and read through my past thoughts. It’s quite nice to be able to do that, but I’m always left wondering what happened on days I didn’t post. 

I think it’s time to get back to journaling.

Been working on this #doodle in my free time #saga #thestalk #zig #tombow #sketch #blackbook

Been working on this #doodle in my free time #saga #thestalk #zig #tombow #sketch #blackbook

In the process of lining this. Fell in love with her at first sight #saga #thestalk #zig #doodle #sketch

In the process of lining this. Fell in love with her at first sight #saga #thestalk #zig #doodle #sketch

Plot Twist.

Student: I agree with what you said about confronting your coworker, but some places have rules set in place by management. My current place of work forbids us from confronting our coworkers if we have issues with them. We have to go straight to management.

Professor: Yeah.. Some places have those policies in place… Those places are horrible backward organizations that want to control everything.

Student: I work on campus.

Sharif/Shafir whoever this is isn’t bad.

My professor: [[Hypothetical situation in which your coworker accuses you of being paranoid/having mental issues because you take notes about everything/are constantly in a state of observance and is constantly harassing you about it]]. What do you do?

Dude in my class: I would confront him. Approach him and say, “I see where you’re coming from, but I would appreciate it if you would leave me alone. I take notes because I have confidence in my observational skills… And…”

Professor: That’s good, but if there is anything I want you guys to walk away with, it’s this. You do not need to explain yourself to anyone. Your coworker has offended you, and you do not need to defend yourself with an explanation. You don’t need to explain your situation. You don’t need to explain your problem. He is in the wrong, not you.


In a lecture hall of 65 students with London, my old, white professor, and my friend Jess.

London: (Lecturing) So if someone’s hot and wet…
Jess: OoooOOOOH
London: Not a good kind of hot and wet.
Jess: (whispers) but there’s no bad kind of hot and wet

FUCK YEAH I ACED MY MIDTERM. #thankthosethatdidntstudy #thankthecurve

FUCK YEAH I ACED MY MIDTERM. #thankthosethatdidntstudy #thankthecurve

My health is a joke.

So I noticed the freckles on the side of my face have increased in quantity. My mom thinks they’re liver spots. Whut. I’m so young.. Liver spots? Really? But at the same time, I’m predisposed to having a shit liver, so it could actually be the case. Slightly worried now.

On another note, sleep paralysis has returned and is in full swing. Yaaaaay. I didn’t want to sleep anyway.

First Day